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1. Who we are and our mission

We are an emerging Digital Agency specializing in web, ecommerce & digital marketing, but before that we are a trusted, compact and competitive talent-team with one goal:

we create digital marketing strategies that work and help our clients achieve their success.

We believe strongly in team building, we support work-life-balance, and we are always looking for people like us: creative, positive, smart, with innate passion for digital, but above all people who put energy, heart, and synergy into the team, giving extreme importance to the details, because those are often what make the difference. Want to learn more?

2. We seek passion in digital. Do you see yourself in it?

  • We are looking for young people with a passion for digital, who want to get involved and grow with us, seizing the opportunity to join an established, competent, but also super friendly team with the cold shoulder always at the ready! And are you ready to invest time and energy in your future team but most importantly in your personal growth?
  • We are always looking for creative and motivated people who are not frightened by unexpected events or sacrifices but rather sometimes find the genius idea in the face of a possible problem-the best opportunities have been discovered just like that.
  • But most of all, we are looking for trusted people who are not just passing through, we are looking for fellow adventurers who like to work as a team, thus achieving great results, because from the CEO to the junior web designer, everyone can help make a difference. Have you ever heard of the Butterfly effect?

3. Some of our corporate benefits

Career opportunities

We believe strongly in personal job growth so with the right time and ongoing commitment we offer the opportunity to move up the professional ladder.

Creative Digital Academy

We never stop learning-that is why we believe in continuing education through team brainstorming, video courses, and especially training-on-the-job.

Team building and group activities

Working as a team and at maximum synergy is essential. That's why we often organize team-building events, luncheons, corporate dinners, and post-work drinks.

Food area for lunch and coffee breaks

At your complete disposal you will find everything you need to quickly prepare healthy, diet-friendly lunches (but don't touch the boss's cookies).

4. Open Job Positions. Would you like to join our Team?

Junior Web designer (Training/curricular internship).

We are looking for a young web designer with a desire to get involved and grow in the field in a competent and competitive team with a great passion for digital marketing.
We require a deep knowledge of wordpress but especially a graphic eye, for creating minimal sites with a wow effect. Also having a foundation in SEO, creative writing, problem solving, teamwork and people skills are equally important to us.
In the Training/Curricular Internship, no salary is initially expected. Objectives, and professional growth will be evaluated together later.

Junior/Mid Skilled Web Designer (also with VAT number)

Junior/Mid Skilled Webdesigner (also VAT holder), to reinforce our development team, who has in-depth knowledge of wordpress, elementor, woocommerce and a decent knowledge of website creation with an SEO perspective. Fundamental graphic eye. Type of work: smart working/hybrid/in-house.

Social Media Marketing (Internship Training / Curricular)

We are looking for a young Social Media Manager for training/curricular internship. Thorough knowledge of Canva and Instagram required. We require a graphic eye and minimal sense of "beauty" to publish readable posts with eye-catching graphics. Knowledge of basic photography and photo arrangement for social (minimal post-production to make photos look good) and Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop is definitely a plus. We are looking for a talented person for training and professional growth. We also accept applications with VAT number.
In the Training/Curricular Internship there is no salary initially. Objectives, and professional growth will be evaluated later together.

Curricular Internship or Internship for college credit.

We currently have one position available for curricular internship or internship for college credit. Basic knowledge regarding web design, digital marketing, use of Canva, or adobe suite software is required.

We are currently fully staffed! But forward your application here-never say never!

Note: Due to the large number of applications we may not be able to respond quickly.
"Do what you love and you won't work a single day of your life."
"Goals will turn into challenges, you will take projects extremely personally, and your colleagues will become fellow battlers. But it will be an unforgettable experience, full of growth and satisfaction!"
Creative Digital Team